Business Services

Along with professional tax services, Tom’s also provides the following specialized services for businesses in our area:

  • Accounting/Bookkeeping – We offer all aspects of accounting and bookkeeping from helping with profit and loss statements to preparing employees’ W-2s, quarterly reports, issuing W-2s, and more.
  • All State and City Tax Returns– We prepare all state and local income tax returns. We are very affordable and we can e-file these returns. We even help with county and city tax return preparation.
  • Business Set Up – S Corp, C Corp, LLC, Partnerships and Sole Proprietors – We can help direct you to set up your new business properly. We can help in all sorts of ways: from setting up a tax entity, to income tax preparation, employee pay, and all other business concerns.
  • Business & Corporation Tax Preparation – We prepare returns for all business tax entities: S Corp, C Corp, LLC, Partnership and Sole Proprietorships. We are especially well versed in the categories of business: Actors, Auctions and Online Stores, Beauty, CNA, Childcare, Couriers, Cosmetics, Dancers, Delivery Drivers, Handyman, Home Health Care, Insurance Agent/Agency, Long Haul Truck Drivers, Mail Delivery, Massage Therapists, Models, Online Businesses, Newspaper Delivery, Pizza Delivery, RN, Real Estate Agents/Brokers, and Teachers.
  • Clergy Tax – We love our Clergy and We are able to prepare all Clergy related income tax forms.
  • Employee Business Expenses – We are well versed in the tax preparation needs of Airlines Attendants, Long Haul Truck Drivers, Couriers and Newspaper Delivery, Health Care services, Home Health Care, Nurses.
  • Obama-Care Assistance – We help businesses and individuals navigate the affordable healthcare act.
  • Per Diem Tax Preparation for all states and occupations – The Per Diem Tax Deduction can be very confusing. This deduction varies from state to state and for long haul jobs. We are well versed in the Per Diem needs of Truck drivers, entertainers, construction and other industries. We are able to help with your per diem deduction calculation and preparation.
  • QuickBooks Set-Up – You purchased the software to manage your business, but do not want to make a mistake.
Call or contact us. We can provide expert help so you know it’s done correctly the first time.